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Journal Club

For those self-confessed research junkies, we present to you the UQSIG Journal Club.

Find your surgical niche or simply familiarize yourself with the format of research papers by participating in monthly PBL-format discussions of surgical journal articles.

Each Journal Club group will consist of one professional facilitator (surgeon, surgical registrar, or intern) and a number of students. A maximum of 3 papers will be discussed at each meeting, which will be distributed to each student prior to the meeting. The group will run on a roster system, with each article being allocated to a particular student, who will then present the paper and lead the discussion with the help of the professional.

Please register your details below.  Meetings are scheduled to begin in March, and further details (including groups, locations and times) will be given closer to this date.

Sign ups page currently under maintenance! For more details on the UQSIG Journal Club, please email Michael at [email protected].