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Ochsner Surgical Interest Group

By UQSIG Administrator | 10:07 pm


OMSA Surgery Interest Group: A student-run organization aimed at improving the resources and clinical experience of students interested in pursuing a career in surgery. By organizing clinically
relevant workshops, informative discussions with faculty, and providing better access to match resources, we hope to give every interested applicant the tools to become a successful IMG candidate.



1. Explore career issues

2. Obtain exposure to a variety of surgical fields

3. Identify and collaborate on research opportunities (via peers and/or residents and staff/consultants)

4. Develop mentoring relationships (with staff/consultants, residents and peers)

5. Obtain information regarding sub-Is/away rotations, core clerkships, residency programs and being an IMG

Resources we hope to provide you with:

1. Surgical specialties

-What specialties are available through the match?

-USMLE board scores and competitive-ness

-Choosing an advisor/mentor

2. Sub-Internships/Away Rotations

-Between years 3-4 (end of year elective during “summer holidays”) or during year 4

-Where to go, who to know, and how to behave

3. When to take USMLE Step 2 CS/CK

-Scheduling & choosing a test date

-Study advice & resources

-UWorld Qbank, NBME

4. Workshops


-Critical care

5. Extra-curricular info

-Volunteer opportunities

-Research opportunities:

-Upcoming abstract deadlines, conferences, etc.

-Opportunities for med students to get help with research projects, etc.

-Memberships & societies

6. Applying to residency:

-Application process—early match vs. regular match

-ERAS application

-Personal statement workshop

-Interview advice

-How many programs should I apply to?

-Am I competitive enough? Should I have a back-up plan?

-What to look for in programs—are you considering fellowship or academic or private/community practice?

1. Community vs. academic programs

2. Categorical vs. preliminary positions
-Info on previous UQ/Ochsner match data

Contact info
[email protected]