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By UQSIG Chair | 10:19 am

UQSIG is a student-run organisation dedicated to promoting the profession of surgery at the University of Queensland. We are devoted to furthering and enhancing the surgical knowledge and skills of the students of the University of Queensland through innovative surgical skills workshops, inspiring seminars and outstanding social functions.


“We hope to empower, enrich and inspire the medical student community with current knowledge and skills from the profession of surgery.”


Our mission objectives are to:

  • Promote the professions of Surgery and its related areas
  • Foster interest in Surgery as a practice and a career
  • Inform students about pathways into the professions & the surgical lifestyle
  • Develop essential surgical knowledge and skills
  • Encourage participation in surgical research
  • Facilitate networking between like-minded students and practising surgeons
  • Promote women in Surgery and rural surgery


We hope to leave behind a legacy of world-class excellence, inspiring innovation and true fellowship befitting the University of Queensland. With every endeavour and in all activity, we will strive to undertake them with the following core values as foundational and guiding principles.

  • World-Class Excellence – uncompromising in upholding the high standards of the profession of surgery and the University of Queensland
  • Innovation – embracing continual improvement to maximise efficiency, effectiveness and reach
  • Integrity – adopting professional values of honesty, good faith, and ethical and legal practice
  • Sustainability – mindful of our impact on the environment and taking responsibility for our actions for future generations