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Advanced Surgical Skills Workshop

UQSIG successfully held its first Advanced Surgical Skills Workshop with over 100 medical students in attendance.

By kuhan.kunarajah | 6:53 am


On Saturday 5 April 2014, UQSIG held its inaugural Surgical Skills Workshop at the UQ Health Science Building at RBWH, around 100 third and fourth year UQ medical students attended the workshop to develop the following advanced surgical skills: Sebaceous Cyst Removal, Chest Drains and Interosseous Needle Insertion, Surgical Fluid Management, Applied Surgical Anatomy, Handties, and Laparoscopic skills.

The event was the first UQSIG surgical skills workshop and we endeavour to conduct many more workshops in the near future, having received much positive feedback from students in attendance.


Surgeons, surgical registrars, interns and medical students volunteered their time to teach the challenging stations, and we would like to formally thank the following medical professionals for taking time out of their busy schedule to tutor at our inaugural workshop:

Dr. Jim Drum – General Surgeon
Dr. Gian Capati – General Surgery registrar
Dr. Haroon Rashed – General Surgery registrar
Dr. Nicholas Black – General Surgery registrar
Dr. Timothy Smith – Urology registrar
Dr. Komal Saini – intern
Dr. Ashton Reeves – intern
Dr. Joyce Anthony – intern
Dr. Van Truong – intern
Anthony Saponara – 4th year medical student
Andrew Zammit – 4th year medical student
Kelvin Ho – 4th year medical student
Michael Lonne – 4th year medical student
Darius Ashrafi – 4th year medical student

We look forward to holding similar workshops in the future, and providing UQ medical students the opportunity to expand and develop their surgical skills and abilities.